Science Of Survival

The Science of Survival Driving game was a exhibit created as part of a touring exhibition exploring how humanity might survive the changes that the future will bring. It was created with Spiral Productions for The Science Of…. and opened at the Science Museum in April 2008.

Set in the year 2050, the game takes place in a large, immersive, futuristic city filled with skyscrapers, parkland, markets and numerous residential dwellings. The game encourages you to explore a variety of different modes of transport, from an electric scooter to a Hydrogen-cell powered mini-bus. Players are set the challenge of transporting a number of the inhabitants of the future-city to the huge party in the centre of the park. Along the way, players will discover information about fuels that might be commonplace in 2050, such as biofuel and hydrogen-fuel.

The exhibition debuted at the Science Museum in London, and continued to tour for the following 5 years, to Paris, Tokyo, Washington and a variety of other destinations.